Interviews with Indian Students Studying Abroad

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We ask the students what they like about their chosen study destinations and institutes and about the challenges that they have encountered. They tell us how they think they will benefit from their study experience and give advice to other students considering studying overseas.

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John K. Rudrapaty, Southern Arkansas University

John Kennedy Rudrapaty, Southern Arkansas University   Why did you choose to study in the USA? American education system is one of the best higher education systems in the world, with advanced technology and research. Studying in America enables one to embrace...

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Ashish, Western Illinois University, United States

Ashish, Western Illinois University   Ashish is an Indian student studying at Western Illinois University Why did you choose to study in the US? As we all know, the United States is a land of opportunities.  It is a dream of every foreign student to study here...

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Akash, University of Iowa, United States

Akash, University of Iowa   From: Pune, India Studying: Environmental Science, Mathematics, University of Iowa   Akash loves attending the University of Iowa because the diversity and helpful nature of the people. "There are people from various countries and...

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Devyani Rangnekar, Monash University

Devyani, Monash University   Masters of Psychology (Counselling), Monash University  Why did you decide to study in Melbourne? My sister started studying in Australia more than a year before I did. I came to visit her for a holiday and let's just say it was "love...

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Prashant, University College Dublin

Prashant, University College Dublin   Prashant, originally from Dehradun he is currently studying MEmgSc in Food Engineering at University College Dublin. Hear what he has to say about life as an Indian student in Ireland. Prashant tells us how the renowned...

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Parth, University of Canterbury

Parth, University of Canterbury   Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management, University of Canterbury Having studied Civil Engineering at university and polytechnic in Mumbai, India, Parth had a goal to widen his engineering knowledge through...

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Apeksha, University of Southampton

Apeksha, University of Southampton   What attracted you to the University of Southampton? Of all the universities I applied to I preferred Southampton as it had a greater ranking compared to others, with a good established image and reputation. Also it provided...

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Shriya, University of Pennsylvania

Shriya, University of Pennsylvania   Why did you choose to study in the United States? Having been born and raised in India, I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone when it came to the next phase of my life- going to university.  I decided to apply to...

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Sameer, Queen’s University MBA

Sameer, Queen's MBA   Why did you choose to study in Canada? I had been working for a number of years before deciding to get a second MBA for the purpose of retooling. Since I already had one MBA program under my belt, I was keen that the second one should be a...

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